Tethering to strong support and swinging in the air with advanced forms of technology had Tom Cruise explore the joyful heights of Dubai. Although not everyone can have the same exciting experience in the Emirate, you surely can explore various facets of elation with the culturally intensive dunes and skyscrapers that traverse the space. But before you take the flight to this amazing city of surprises, you need to know that it has various unique elements that you find amusing as a tourist.

To have a better experience with the journey, you need to keep a few points in mind. Questions about where to go, who to visit, if it is safe to travel by road, and how much to tip the waiters might be lingering around in your head while you spend your vacation in this city. Here are a few tips that can help you have a good time in Dubai.

visit Dubai

1.      October to April

If you are planning to visit Dubai in the coming years, make sure that you hit the road only in the months from October to April. You don’t need to be there when the sun is brightest. Since Dubai has always been either sunny or very sunny, it is better for you to go with the former. These 7 months in Dubai are relatively less hot, and it could also be quite chilling by late December. Blue skies and beach weather can be a sight that you rarely come across in Dubai. If you want all the best aspects of the city to entertain you, take the flight only after the scorching heats have subsided.

2.      Book Flights Six Months Ahead

Departure dates have to be checked at least six months prior to the October vacation plan. All international airlines usually sell their cheapest tickets around six months before the flight. It is not necessary to book the tickets six months ahead of your planned vacation, but at least keep checking for the rates of multiple airlines so that you can compare for the best one. Make sure not to procrastinate the booking of tickets to just a few weeks before the departure date.

3.      Ramadan May Not Be the Right Month

Muslims have their holy month set apart for reverence and divinity that they prefer to stay away from all forms of luxury. It would be best to plan your trip for a month that doesn’t clash with their traditions. In case you are traveling during Ramadan, try and respect their culture, meaning you shouldn’t eat, drink, or smoke in public from dusk till dawn.

4.      Modest Dressing is Recommended

Wardrobe can be confusing to handle, especially when you have enjoyed most of your life in comfort. When traveling to Dubai, try not to wear any skimpy clothes. Women’s attire is considered seriously in the country; so, don’t go for too short or revealing clothes. Men should also stick to modest clothing, meaning you shouldn’t unbutton your shirt completely or walk around without one to beat the heat.