Escaping into the world of thrill and adventure is a dream for many adventure travellers. Once in a while, we must let go of the city’s constant hustle, the alarming deadlines, and the stressful circumstances that life throws at us and jump into the lap of thrilling adventure destinations. Whether mountains, coasts, or something in the middle, there is a place for adventure for everyone. So, let’s jump into the quest for an adventure journey. Here are ten recommendations to get you started.

Loisaba Tented Camp, Kenya

Africa is a world of adventures, including forests, volcanoes, beaches, sand, and more. Live in tents, and enjoy the safari with sunrise, sunset, and after-dinner games.

Tracking Wolves in Transylvania, Romania

This place is one of Europe’s oldest and most extensive forests, with more than seven hundred years old trees. As a result, you can see wolves, bears, red deer, lynxes, and chamois.

Parque de Patagonia, Chile

This place spreads over 250,000 hectares of grassland and is perfect for mountain biking, fly fishing, trail hiking, and more. Some visitors plant trees that future generations can enjoy.

Taylor River Lodge, Colorado

It is a perfect place for family adventure trips. The stay is quite fascinating. The company takes charge of meals and activities, and its services are personalized. You can enjoy white-water rafting and heli-skiing and explore the old abandoned mining towns.

Crossing the globe’s highest extremes, Bolivia

It is a beautiful area with mountains, deserts, dunes, salt flats, and cacti that grows up to ten meters high. Enjoy the natural hot springs and the hot air balloon rides.

Bovey Castle, Devon, England

This is the ultimate of all adventures that you can enjoy. Surviving in a place with no electricity or Wi-Fi, building your shelter with no modern amenities, Bover Castle will surely tickle your adventure dreams.

Air Safari, Alaska

Air Safari is a thrill from the beginning till the end. You will be flying across the snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and takes of Tundra in a small two-seater propeller plane that will terrify or thrill you.

Satellite Island

Satellite Island, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is known as the last stop before Antarctica. It is a wild and wonderful island with glimmering lakes, rainforests, white sand beaches, and snow-capped peaks. You can enjoy hiking through ancient blue gum trees, diving, and seeing wild oysters and crayfish. This place is sure to excite you.

Mountain Climbing at Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Oman has the most rugged, silent, and beautiful mountains. Enjoy thrilling mountain adventures in the Ultimate Jabal Activity Wall. You can clip yourself to the steel cable and enjoy the thrill of rugged mountain climbing.

Akyra Manor, Chiang Mai, Thailand

If forest zip-lining, cycling along paddy fields, morning jungle trek, or the white-water river rapids and overnighting in the bamboo village is your thing, then Akyra Manor is your place. Enjoy your adventure trip to the fullest!