Even after a long and busy day, being around animals makes you feel energized and relieves stress. Regardless of the animal, they are around; many people experience a sense of calm when they are around animals. All around the world, there is not every place where you can get access to a wide range of animals with whom you can connect. Here are some locations you should visit to explore your love of animals if you’re an animal lover who enjoys traveling.


Turtles are cute to look at, and baby turtles are even cuter. Nicaragua is where you should go if you want to see young turtles emerge from their tiny home and take their first breaths in the planet’s atmosphere.

young turtles

You can see these creatures emerging in Nicaragua, a country in Central America surrounded by water and lovely beaches. You can encounter a once-in-a-lifetime experience by watching thousands and thousands of turtle eggs hatch. Get the chance to see a variety of turtles on the beach, but tread carefully because you might accidentally run into one while walking.


Find them in large quantities right here if you think cats and kittens are adorable. All cat lovers should visit the region, also referred to as the Hello Kitty land. There are almost 13 islands in the country, and there are far more cats and kittens than people.

On the island of Aoshima, also known as the Islands of the Cats, locals regularly pet close to six cats. Regardless of where you go or where you are visiting, you will always find cats in every nook and cranny. For those who love cats, Japan is a paradise where you can feed, cuddle, and love them.


Antarctica is the best place to see penguins, whether you’ve already seen one or want to. You can have an adventurous experience on this chilly continent in an area home to a wide variety of wildlife. Because it’s not easy to see the unusual creatures around, you can just book a tour where the locals will take you to the locations and where the creatures can be seen easily.


You might also see seals, various birds, and whales in addition to penguins. Just be sure to schedule your trip for when the penguins lay their eggs, which is from October to December, and when the eggs hatch from late December to February.


If you are an animal lover and love to witness the wildlife in the wild space, then Tanzania is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Tanzania is famous mainly for the Big 5, which consists of Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant, and the King of the jungle Lion. Since it is difficult to see all five in one trip, you will only be able to see them all if you are lucky, have the right guide, and are given the proper instruction. You can see all the wildlife on this trip in a single location.