Trip to Reunion

A piece of France planted in the most beautiful ocean in the world. When a French person goes to Reunion, a question immediately comes to mind: why not settle there? Indeed, it is a French department. Overseas certainly, but a French department all the same.

If the Reunionese go to the mountains at the same time as the metropolitans, at the beginning of the year, the reasons are not the same: they go there to cool off, because it is then summer in the southern hemisphere and it Reunion is intensely hot. It is indeed one of the particularities of the island to be volcanic and therefore to have high mountains and volcanoes, some of which are active, only a few kilometers from the paradisiacal coast.

The island is small, which can be an advantage for making interesting acquaintances or for avoiding having too much travel time to get to work or visit friends. The disadvantage is that we quickly made the rounds, and therefore we can be afraid of getting bored. But the possibilities are numerous: visit another island in the Mascareignes archipelago (see Mauritius) , go to the African continent, or set off to explore, aboard a cargo ship, an even more distant France: the Kerguelens.. .