Africa is a unique blend of the East and West. It has the best natural wildlife on the one hand and gorgeous cities on the other hand. An enormous continent with the huge River Nile, Sahara Desert, and the happening party of Cape Town, Africa, is a distinctive blend of traditions and culture with modernism. As a result, Africa boasts a diverse culture, and there is no end to your remarkable adventure in Africa. Here are five places that you must visit in Africa.

Isalo National Park (Madagascar)

Isalo National Park

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean right on the coast of Mozambique. The island has lots to see, with natural beauty and picturesque locales, but the Isalo National Park is the highlight. There are enormous canyons, lush green palm trees, and beautiful sandstorm formations that will surely blow your mind. Do take the facility of overnight camping as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lalibela (Ethiopia)

The city of Lalibela is a pilgrimage point. It has eleven monolithic rock-cut churches that are very exciting to explore. Most of these churches were built in the 12th and 13th centuries. The residents of this place are orthodox Egyptian Christians. Therefore, the culture and architecture deeply speak volumes about this place. Bet Giyorgis is an absolute delight to watch. It is a cross-shaped church cut out from one rock that will fascinate you.

Virunga National Park (DR Congo)

Minutes away from Uganda, at the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies the Virunga National Park. It is Africa’s first National Park, founded by the Belgian King Albert in 1925. Poaching was an issue here in the past, but now it is a growing tourist destination. You can see mountain gorillas and Tongo chimpanzees and even trek to the peak of Nyiragongo Volcano and see the world’s largest lava lake.

Merzouga (Morocco)

Merzouga (Morocco)

Merzouga is a small village in Morocco and is a top-rated tourist destination in the Sahara Desert. Enormous dunes surround this place called the Erg Chebbi. Most of the local population here is traditionally nomadic and known as Berber. You can enjoy a camel safari and witness the culture of Berber. Also, many birds migrate to this area, so bird watching is a must option here.

Praslin (Seychelles)

Praslin is the second-largest tropical island that makes up the heart of Seychelles. There are many luxury resorts here, with the two main attractions, Anse Lazio and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. Anse Lazio is the perfect place for snorkelling, with clear water with a gorgeous beach. On the other hand, the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a palm forest home to countless birds and reptiles and the famous black parrot. Place Africa at the top of your travel bucket list now!