Arkansas provides a great natural destination during the autumn season when the temperatures go down, and the leaves in the forest start changing. When you know that it is the hiking season, pack your bags and get ready to explore the beautiful destinations around Arkansas. While you are at it, you must also know what you will need during your hike.

Find the right Clothes

It is important to have necessary clothing that can protect you from the sun’s heat and keep you dry throughout the hike. The autumn season can be colder, so you also need some clothes to keep your body warm. As the temperature rises during the day, you can get back to wearing quick-dry shirts. But if you carry heavy coats during the hike, you will only make it difficult for yourself by adding more weight. Instead, adding several thinner layers will help you regulate your temperature better during the changing temperatures of the day.

Pick the right shoes

Hiking through the rocky and foresty trails will require shoes that can hold on to the ground and also provide comfort for long journeys. If your idea is to wear flip flops during the hikes, you must consult an expert right away about your choices. Slippers can be a real trip-hazard that can cause injuries and even blisters easily. On the other hand, a pair of hiking shoes will be perfect for your trip to climb up the uneven terrains without hurting your feet.

Plan for camping

camping gear

You will need the right camping gear if you plan on staying the night at the hiking destination. Know that the days start getting shorter in autumn to always have supplied for light to keep yourself on the trails. Try to complete your hike before the sunset at the nights can get really cold. If you plan on camping, carry all the essentials like a tent, food, fire supply, and warm sleeping bags. Carry a headlamp or flashlight always as a safety precaution.

Do not hike alone

Hiking only gets better if you have a companion or family member with you. Some people prefer to hike along, but it also brings many risks of getting lost or feeling helpless in stressful situations. A hiking partner can help you make decisions when you feel stuck. Sharing your hiking adventures with others will also help you create better memories that you can talk about later.

Follow the trails

The hiking trails around Arkansas are meant to keep the hikers safe and on the path. Autumn is the time when many animals and reptiles will start planning their dens. Sticking to the trail will help you avoid the den areas for animals. It will keep you safe and provide the right privacy for the animals and reptiles that are planning to den up for the winter season.