With its temperamental climate, lush green fields and enthusiastic people, Bali is an epitome of tribal beauty. It is an island in Indonesia legendary for its woody volcanic ranges, beaches, coral reefs and epochal rice paddies.  Ranging from the surfing practices, dramatic dances, colorful celebrations and intricate art-craft works, a wide variety of activities take place here. It is also famous for its night life on the beaches with shacks and cool bars. Balinese people are religious folks who follow Hinduism with great fervor.

Visiting Bali must be a bucket list chit because of all the wondrous experiences one encounters here. Following are the top 10 places anyone must visit if they go to Bali:

Ulun Danu temple

Ulun Danu temple

This temple is the most famous temple in Bali. With a graceful white mist surrounding at its top, the temple is truly ethereal.

Tanah Lot temple

Sitting on a huge offshore rock, Tanah lot temple has great history preceding it. The word Tanah Lot means “Land (in the) sea” was constructed to praise the main deity of the sea called Dewa Baruna.

Ubud (Cultural heartland of Bali)

The traditional town of Ubud placed in the upper lands is also called as the cultural heartland of Bali which is famous for its crafts and religious dances.

Uluwatu temple with beach

Also called as Puru Luhur Uluwatu, the Uluwatu temple is one among the 6 main temples that are said to be the spiritual pillars of Bali. The original Kecak dance is performed here.

Uluwatu temple with beach

Nightlife in Kuta

The land of Kuta has a vivid nightlife due to its beaches and shores. It is best known for the popular bars and parties held along with the main activity of surfing.

Menjangan island

Set 5 miles off the coast of Bali, Menjangan Island is a true beauty of marine reserve and deer habitats. It is also famous for diving and snorkeling practices which lets one view the scenic underwater life.


Also originally known as Segkidu village, Candidasa is a seaside vision of hotels and restaurant series that is an ideally lazy yet tropical paradise.

Stone carvings

Stone carvings in Batubulan

A centre of stone carving art, Batubulan stone carvings are a must visit for any architect lover.

Balangan beach

This is the most basic, chilled out beach you’ll find in the entirety of Bali which is exactly why you must visit it. With a few local cafes nearby, it is a white sandy beach popular with sunset- watchers and evening walkers.

Balinese food at Warung Blanjong

Warung Blanjong is a renowned restaurant in Bali that offers traditionally made indigenous Balinese food some of them being fried rice with chicken, pasta carbonara, fruit salads, spring rolls, soups and the famous coconut pancakes for dessert.