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Country of Santa Claus, lakes, tranquility, or even communication, Finland is a rejuvenating country. To go to Finland is to get lost in order to find yourself. Large spaces, beauty of the decor, clean air, everything comes together for the good of our body, and, moreover, the hotel structures are of very good quality, as in the Scandinavian countries.

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What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Tethering to strong support and swinging in the air with advanced forms of technology had Tom Cruise explore the joyful heights of Dubai. Although not everyone can have the same exciting experience in the Emirate, you surely can explore various facets of elation with the culturally intensive dunes and skyscrapers that traverse the space. But before you take the flight to this amazing city of surprises, you need to know that it has various unique elements that you find amusing as a tourist.

To have a better experience with the journey, you need to keep a few points in mind. Questions about where to go, who to visit, if it is safe to travel by road, and how much to tip the waiters might be lingering around in your head while you spend your vacation in this city. Here are a few tips that can help you have a good time in Dubai.

visit Dubai

1.      October to April

If you are planning to visit Dubai in the coming years, make sure that you hit the road only in the months from October to April. You don’t need to be there when the sun is brightest. Since Dubai has always been either sunny or very sunny, it is better for you to go with the former. These 7 months in Dubai are relatively less hot, and it could also be quite chilling by late December. Blue skies and beach weather can be a sight that you rarely come across in Dubai. If you want all the best aspects of the city to entertain you, take the flight only after the scorching heats have subsided.

2.      Book Flights Six Months Ahead

Departure dates have to be checked at least six months prior to the October vacation plan. All international airlines usually sell their cheapest tickets around six months before the flight. It is not necessary to book the tickets six months ahead of your planned vacation, but at least keep checking for the rates of multiple airlines so that you can compare for the best one. Make sure not to procrastinate the booking of tickets to just a few weeks before the departure date.

3.      Ramadan May Not Be the Right Month

Muslims have their holy month set apart for reverence and divinity that they prefer to stay away from all forms of luxury. It would be best to plan your trip for a month that doesn’t clash with their traditions. In case you are traveling during Ramadan, try and respect their culture, meaning you shouldn’t eat, drink, or smoke in public from dusk till dawn.

4.      Modest Dressing is Recommended

Wardrobe can be confusing to handle, especially when you have enjoyed most of your life in comfort. When traveling to Dubai, try not to wear any skimpy clothes. Women’s attire is considered seriously in the country; so, don’t go for too short or revealing clothes. Men should also stick to modest clothing, meaning you shouldn’t unbutton your shirt completely or walk around without one to beat the heat.

Know About Travel Wilderness

Know About Travel Wilderness

Wilderness is a natural phenomenon on Earth which indicates to vast areas of land being significantly under developed by mankind. It can be a large forest or mountains with indigenous shrubs and plants or rocky hills in higher altitudes untouched and natural as it is. They are also called wild lands. Wilderness can be divided into Flora and Fauna. Fauna are the animals and mammals, both domestic and wild while Flora are the plants of a particular region. Recent mappings suggest that over one quarter of Earths terrestrial surface is covered in wilderness and only about 13.2% is left in marine wilderness. But even those are being increasingly encroached upon by humans for re-constructional activities.


For most of mankind’s early history, life has always surrounded in and around wilderness. From water, food, houses and huts, clothes and weapons everything was created and obtained from the wild. Since after that, tribes and communities were formed. Slowly and steadily, the mere thought of using the wild for more than what it simply gave came into the picture. As people explored newer regions and areas of the nature, unknown and interesting things came into hand. But with this increasing curiosity and need for more, nature’s balance got disrupted. Ashoka, The great Mauryan emperor was the first to impose laws to protect flora and fauna. Many famous artists and poets like J.M.W Turner, William Wordsworth and John Constable have tried to capture the beauty of nature’s enigma and it’s never ending wilderness.

Wilderness Societies

Wilderness Societies

By the early 19th century, the entire ideology of preserving nature and its wilderness surged. In Germany, “scientific conservation” that meant the efficient utilization of natural resources through the application of science and technology was implemented. By the mid 19th , the Conservation movement started. Extreme parts of the world joined this movement to safeguard the wild.  In 1876, the first known World Nature Reserve was established in Fontainebleau State forest covering 1097 hectares. Wildlife preserves were established continuously throughout the late 1940s in order to stealthily indulge in big game hunting of wildlife. Nevertheless, by 1961 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was founded which became one among the largest conservation organisations in the world. But again as the population increased, consumption increased. Sustainable development was introduced in the early 20th century to preserve and conserve Nature in all its forms without exploiting all non renewable and renewable resources. This was done in order to ensure a stable environment for our future generations. Consequently several other organisations and wilderness laws were passed to ensure Nature conservation.

National parks and wildlife centres were developed. Endangered species (both flora and fauna) were protected from further getting extinct.

International organizations

  • The World Conservation Union (IUCN) classifies wilderness at 2 levels: la(Strict Nature Preserves) and lb(wilderness areas).
  • 48 countries have wilderness areas established.
  • The awareness to protect our nature has spread to the hearts of small kids as well as old people.
Top 10 Wilderness Travel Experiences

Top 10 Wilderness Travel Experiences

Escaping into the world of thrill and adventure is a dream for many adventure travellers. Once in a while, we must let go of the city’s constant hustle, the alarming deadlines, and the stressful circumstances that life throws at us and jump into the lap of thrilling adventure destinations. Whether mountains, coasts, or something in the middle, there is a place for adventure for everyone. So, let’s jump into the quest for an adventure journey. Here are ten recommendations to get you started.

Loisaba Tented Camp, Kenya

Africa is a world of adventures, including forests, volcanoes, beaches, sand, and more. Live in tents, and enjoy the safari with sunrise, sunset, and after-dinner games.

Tracking Wolves in Transylvania, Romania

This place is one of Europe’s oldest and most extensive forests, with more than seven hundred years old trees. As a result, you can see wolves, bears, red deer, lynxes, and chamois.

Parque de Patagonia, Chile

This place spreads over 250,000 hectares of grassland and is perfect for mountain biking, fly fishing, trail hiking, and more. Some visitors plant trees that future generations can enjoy.

Taylor River Lodge, Colorado

It is a perfect place for family adventure trips. The stay is quite fascinating. The company takes charge of meals and activities, and its services are personalized. You can enjoy white-water rafting and heli-skiing and explore the old abandoned mining towns.

Crossing the globe’s highest extremes, Bolivia

It is a beautiful area with mountains, deserts, dunes, salt flats, and cacti that grows up to ten meters high. Enjoy the natural hot springs and the hot air balloon rides.

Bovey Castle, Devon, England

This is the ultimate of all adventures that you can enjoy. Surviving in a place with no electricity or Wi-Fi, building your shelter with no modern amenities, Bover Castle will surely tickle your adventure dreams.

Air Safari, Alaska

Air Safari is a thrill from the beginning till the end. You will be flying across the snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and takes of Tundra in a small two-seater propeller plane that will terrify or thrill you.

Satellite Island

Satellite Island, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is known as the last stop before Antarctica. It is a wild and wonderful island with glimmering lakes, rainforests, white sand beaches, and snow-capped peaks. You can enjoy hiking through ancient blue gum trees, diving, and seeing wild oysters and crayfish. This place is sure to excite you.

Mountain Climbing at Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Oman has the most rugged, silent, and beautiful mountains. Enjoy thrilling mountain adventures in the Ultimate Jabal Activity Wall. You can clip yourself to the steel cable and enjoy the thrill of rugged mountain climbing.

Akyra Manor, Chiang Mai, Thailand

If forest zip-lining, cycling along paddy fields, morning jungle trek, or the white-water river rapids and overnighting in the bamboo village is your thing, then Akyra Manor is your place. Enjoy your adventure trip to the fullest!

The Best Summer Vacation Spots

The Best Summer Vacation Spots

For a lot of people, actually the majority of individuals in the world, the desire to travel does peak when summer is right around the corner. With so many places experiencing warm weather and also longer days, it is indeed hard to decide which is the right vacation for you. To help you narrow down some of your options, I have compiled a couple of places that you could consider for your vacationing desires. These places have some of the best options when it comes to lodging, dining, things to do, entertainment and more. Most of these destinations are actually affected by the coronavirus outbreak. I suggest that you wait until it is a little better before you visit.

Summer Vacation

  • The first place on this list would be Paris. Paris is indeed well known for being the city of love and light. The Eiffel tower is also one of the most amazing things that you can see in your life. You should also visit the world-renowned Louvre.
  • Go to Los Angeles. If you are a Harry Potter fanatic, and if you live in the United States of America, I feel that this is the place for you. If you are an international traveller, then great. You will love the visiting world of Harry Potter in Universal City. I was absolutely awestruck and in tears when I initially saw the Hogwarts Castle. Los Angeles itself has been really famous for being a beautiful city that houses and entertains tourists. Tourists indeed have a lot to do in Los Angeles.
  • London is next on this list. London happens to be one of the most amazing places that I have had the privilege to visit, and I standby my decision of aiming to move there. London absolutely captured my heart and did not let it go. There is so many things that are amazing about London. The tube, the red double-decker buses, the London Bridge, the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, the London eye, the National Gallery, the British Museum, et cetera. I could literally go on all day about while London is the best city for you to visit after the pandemic comes to an end.
  • San Diego is very well known for its bright sandy beaches, the San Diego zoo and its museums.
  • Las Vegas is next up on this list as it happens to be the gambling temple of the world.
  • Rome is a great summer destination because of its many iconic landmarks. The Colosseum is beautiful, indeed.
  • Visit the great barrier reef along Australia before it disappears forever.
  • Next up on this list would be Edinburgh. It is one of Northern U.K.’s most loved landmark.
Five Best Places to Visit in Africa

Five Best Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is a unique blend of the East and West. It has the best natural wildlife on the one hand and gorgeous cities on the other hand. An enormous continent with the huge River Nile, Sahara Desert, and the happening party of Cape Town, Africa, is a distinctive blend of traditions and culture with modernism. As a result, Africa boasts a diverse culture, and there is no end to your remarkable adventure in Africa. Here are five places that you must visit in Africa.

Isalo National Park (Madagascar)

Isalo National Park

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean right on the coast of Mozambique. The island has lots to see, with natural beauty and picturesque locales, but the Isalo National Park is the highlight. There are enormous canyons, lush green palm trees, and beautiful sandstorm formations that will surely blow your mind. Do take the facility of overnight camping as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lalibela (Ethiopia)

The city of Lalibela is a pilgrimage point. It has eleven monolithic rock-cut churches that are very exciting to explore. Most of these churches were built in the 12th and 13th centuries. The residents of this place are orthodox Egyptian Christians. Therefore, the culture and architecture deeply speak volumes about this place. Bet Giyorgis is an absolute delight to watch. It is a cross-shaped church cut out from one rock that will fascinate you.

Virunga National Park (DR Congo)

Minutes away from Uganda, at the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies the Virunga National Park. It is Africa’s first National Park, founded by the Belgian King Albert in 1925. Poaching was an issue here in the past, but now it is a growing tourist destination. You can see mountain gorillas and Tongo chimpanzees and even trek to the peak of Nyiragongo Volcano and see the world’s largest lava lake.

Merzouga (Morocco)

Merzouga (Morocco)

Merzouga is a small village in Morocco and is a top-rated tourist destination in the Sahara Desert. Enormous dunes surround this place called the Erg Chebbi. Most of the local population here is traditionally nomadic and known as Berber. You can enjoy a camel safari and witness the culture of Berber. Also, many birds migrate to this area, so bird watching is a must option here.

Praslin (Seychelles)

Praslin is the second-largest tropical island that makes up the heart of Seychelles. There are many luxury resorts here, with the two main attractions, Anse Lazio and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. Anse Lazio is the perfect place for snorkelling, with clear water with a gorgeous beach. On the other hand, the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a palm forest home to countless birds and reptiles and the famous black parrot. Place Africa at the top of your travel bucket list now!

10 Places You Must Visit In Bali

10 Places You Must Visit In Bali

With its temperamental climate, lush green fields and enthusiastic people, Bali is an epitome of tribal beauty. It is an island in Indonesia legendary for its woody volcanic ranges, beaches, coral reefs and epochal rice paddies.  Ranging from the surfing practices, dramatic dances, colorful celebrations and intricate art-craft works, a wide variety of activities take place here. It is also famous for its night life on the beaches with shacks and cool bars. Balinese people are religious folks who follow Hinduism with great fervor.

Visiting Bali must be a bucket list chit because of all the wondrous experiences one encounters here. Following are the top 10 places anyone must visit if they go to Bali:

Ulun Danu temple

Ulun Danu temple

This temple is the most famous temple in Bali. With a graceful white mist surrounding at its top, the temple is truly ethereal.

Tanah Lot temple

Sitting on a huge offshore rock, Tanah lot temple has great history preceding it. The word Tanah Lot means “Land (in the) sea” was constructed to praise the main deity of the sea called Dewa Baruna.

Ubud (Cultural heartland of Bali)

The traditional town of Ubud placed in the upper lands is also called as the cultural heartland of Bali which is famous for its crafts and religious dances.

Uluwatu temple with beach

Also called as Puru Luhur Uluwatu, the Uluwatu temple is one among the 6 main temples that are said to be the spiritual pillars of Bali. The original Kecak dance is performed here.

Uluwatu temple with beach

Nightlife in Kuta

The land of Kuta has a vivid nightlife due to its beaches and shores. It is best known for the popular bars and parties held along with the main activity of surfing.

Menjangan island

Set 5 miles off the coast of Bali, Menjangan Island is a true beauty of marine reserve and deer habitats. It is also famous for diving and snorkeling practices which lets one view the scenic underwater life.


Also originally known as Segkidu village, Candidasa is a seaside vision of hotels and restaurant series that is an ideally lazy yet tropical paradise.

Stone carvings

Stone carvings in Batubulan

A centre of stone carving art, Batubulan stone carvings are a must visit for any architect lover.

Balangan beach

This is the most basic, chilled out beach you’ll find in the entirety of Bali which is exactly why you must visit it. With a few local cafes nearby, it is a white sandy beach popular with sunset- watchers and evening walkers.

Balinese food at Warung Blanjong

Warung Blanjong is a renowned restaurant in Bali that offers traditionally made indigenous Balinese food some of them being fried rice with chicken, pasta carbonara, fruit salads, spring rolls, soups and the famous coconut pancakes for dessert.

10 Interesting Facts About Machu Picchu

10 Interesting Facts About Machu Picchu

Keep Machu Picchu high on your travel bucket list now! The construction and craftsmanship of the Inca Civilization are exceptional. It is indeed a work of art to be witnessed.

Gorgeous Locale

Destination Machu Picchu is built on the ruins of the Inca Civilization prevalent in 1450 AD. It is located 7000 FT above sea level on Andes Mountain, making it the most popular tourist destination in Peru.

World Heritage

Machu Picchu means ‘old peak’ or ‘old mountain’ in Quechua Indian Language. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983. It was also included in the seven wonders of the world in 2007.

World Heritage

75% original construction

A lot of Inca civilization construction was destroyed by Spanish invaders in the 15th century when they arrived in Peru. However, it is one of the most well-preserved archaeological sites with 75% of its construction intact for travellers.

Orchids that will blow your mind

Beautiful temperate forests surround Machu Picchu with an array of almost 300 kinds of orchids. Looking down, one can see the Urubamba River. This unique biodiversity welcomes splendid birds and animals like the fortress itself.

No Mortar Construction

No mortar was used in the entire construction. This technique of construction is known as ashler. It involves cutting large pieces of white granite rocks and placing them firmly without any mortar or clay. It also safeguards the entire construction from earthquakes that are frequent in Peru.

Lost and Rediscovered

Yale Professor Hiram Bingham put Machu Picchu on the global map when he rediscovered it in 1911. He then wrote about his findings in his book, The Lost Story of Incas.

Use of Astronomy

Surprisingly, it was also an astronomical observatory. The sacred Intihuatana stone correctly shows the two equinoxes. The sun sits directly over the stone generating no shadow twice a year. It helped in recognizing seasonal changes that helped in planting and harvesting.

No Written Records

There are no written records for the Inca civilization because they had no writing system. Many people believe that the emperor Pachacuti had built it as a recreational royal estate. Some also think that it was a retreat for religious leaders and intellectuals.

No-Fly Zone

The entire Machu Picchu area is a no-fly zone. In the 1900s, the Peruvian government briefly allowed helicopters to flow over the region. This was spoiling the lush green flora and fauna of the place. Hence the government banned such tours to protect the beauty of the fortress.

Cloud Forest

Machu Picchu is quite a remote location in the Amazonian Forest of Peru. There are only two ways to access it. One is to hike along the Inca trail and enjoy the view of the majestic Andes range, and the second is to board a train from Cusco that will allow you to drop off in Aguas Calientes, at the base of the mountain. You may walk up or avail a bus to reach your destination. Start planning your trip today, and you will be impressed with the Incan Citadel, Machu Picchu.

7 Places To Visit In Costa Rica For A Unique Experience

7 Places To Visit In Costa Rica For A Unique Experience

Costa Rica is a Carrabian delight! It’s filled with natural beauty, volcanoes, beaches, birds and wildlife. It has a beautiful mix of art and cultures along with picturesque locales. While the province of Guanacaste has the best beaches, the bustling city of San Jose is filled with museums and beautiful marketplaces. Come, let’s discover the best places to visit in Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano National Park is located in Cordillera de Tilaran. The cone-shaped mountain (Arenal Volcano) is the main attraction here. Since 1968, it has been an active volcano. People can see a cloud of ash or molten lava trickling down the mountain. There is an observatory lodge with a spectacular view of Arenal Lake.

Arenal Volcano


It is a beautiful 1.5-kilometres crescent-shaped beach located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, with fun-filled activities like surfing and an array of local restaurants and hotels. The area is eco-friendly and includes snorkelling, horseback riding, diving, zip lining and turtle watching.

Puerto Viejo

If you like to party, we got you covered. This place is perfect for backpackers and the young crowd for its pristine beach, fun adventures and party life. There are many hotels in this region where one can enjoy the local cuisine. Formerly this was an unknown fishing village, and then came the surfers.

Jaco Beach

This place has it all. Beautiful beaches and picturesque locales with several restaurants and hotels serving the yummiest local cuisine that will blow your mind. It is a two-mile soft sand beach with the first official World Surfing Reserve, Playa Hermosa, catering to advanced surfers. It is a full-blown party in one locale.

Islas Murcielagos

If Scuba diving is your thing, this is the best place to be in the world. With the correct alignment of weather, the visibility increases up to 30 meters. The marine safari is excellent with spinner dolphins, whales, massive octopi, eels, spadefish and bull sharks. The breathtaking view of coral gardens and the volcanic reef is a treat.

Venado Caves

Venado Caves

For adventure-loving people, this an excursion that will surely entice your senses. The caves extend up to three kilometres consisting of eight chamber limestone labyrinths. Rubber boots, helmets and headlamps are a must in this two-hour walk through the darkness enjoying the different rock formations. Just be aware of the bats and enjoy your shower post this intriguing experience.

Catarata Manantial de Agua Viva – Enjoy the scenic view of this 200m high waterfall, the highest in the country. One must hike down the valley for 3 kilometres to reach the area. The view is the best during the rainy season as the river continuously flows through several natural swimming holes, making it a unique experience for any traveller. So, pack your bags and have your best time in Costa Rica!

5 Fall Hiking Tips for Arkansas

5 Fall Hiking Tips for Arkansas

Arkansas provides a great natural destination during the autumn season when the temperatures go down, and the leaves in the forest start changing. When you know that it is the hiking season, pack your bags and get ready to explore the beautiful destinations around Arkansas. While you are at it, you must also know what you will need during your hike.

Find the right Clothes

It is important to have necessary clothing that can protect you from the sun’s heat and keep you dry throughout the hike. The autumn season can be colder, so you also need some clothes to keep your body warm. As the temperature rises during the day, you can get back to wearing quick-dry shirts. But if you carry heavy coats during the hike, you will only make it difficult for yourself by adding more weight. Instead, adding several thinner layers will help you regulate your temperature better during the changing temperatures of the day.

Pick the right shoes

Hiking through the rocky and foresty trails will require shoes that can hold on to the ground and also provide comfort for long journeys. If your idea is to wear flip flops during the hikes, you must consult an expert right away about your choices. Slippers can be a real trip-hazard that can cause injuries and even blisters easily. On the other hand, a pair of hiking shoes will be perfect for your trip to climb up the uneven terrains without hurting your feet.

Plan for camping

camping gear

You will need the right camping gear if you plan on staying the night at the hiking destination. Know that the days start getting shorter in autumn to always have supplied for light to keep yourself on the trails. Try to complete your hike before the sunset at the nights can get really cold. If you plan on camping, carry all the essentials like a tent, food, fire supply, and warm sleeping bags. Carry a headlamp or flashlight always as a safety precaution.

Do not hike alone

Hiking only gets better if you have a companion or family member with you. Some people prefer to hike along, but it also brings many risks of getting lost or feeling helpless in stressful situations. A hiking partner can help you make decisions when you feel stuck. Sharing your hiking adventures with others will also help you create better memories that you can talk about later.

Follow the trails

The hiking trails around Arkansas are meant to keep the hikers safe and on the path. Autumn is the time when many animals and reptiles will start planning their dens. Sticking to the trail will help you avoid the den areas for animals. It will keep you safe and provide the right privacy for the animals and reptiles that are planning to den up for the winter season.

5 Best Places to Visit in Bali on a budget

5 Best Places to Visit in Bali on a budget

Over the past few years, Indonesia has become a significantly attractive and enchanting landscape for travellers. The serene beauty of its capital Bali pulls in a huge crowd every year. There is a favourite place for everyone here. Be it the hustle and bustle of the city, the smell of fried peanuts, the voice of the local vendors on one side, or the calm scenic beauty, green landscape, volcanoes, and waterfalls bordered with picturesque traditional villages. Once you are in Bali, there is no other choice but to fall in love with this beautiful place, culture, and people. This island has some hidden gems one must visit once you land in Bali.

Mount Batur

The sunrise from this 1700-meter-high hilltop captures the magnificent beauty of the mist-covered mountains, Lake Batur, and the entire abyss of the Indonesian landscape. It is the perfect spot for couples looking for a nice romantic getaway.

Mount Batur

Uluwatu Temple

This temple is one of the most lucrative destinations in Bali, owing to the low-hanging sea cliffs above the best surf spots. ‘Ulu’ means tip or Land’s End, and ‘watu’ means top, which is a befitting name for this temple with perfect sunsets and romantic pathways to a mesmerizing view.

Ubud Art and Culture

If you are an art lover, this is the perfect spot to be enticed by the beautiful display of amalgamation of art and culture. As mentioned in the famous book, ‘Eat Pray and Love’, this place is the heart of Balinese culture, with several museums and galleries honouring age-old traditions and art forms.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Temples in Bali beautifully blend picturesque landscapes with art and culture. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is no different. Built in the 17th century, this temple rests on the western shore of Lake Bratan. The temple reflects on the calm water of the lake. When the water level rises, it appears to float on the lake. Early morning canoe rides are the perfect way to enjoy the scenic view of this temple.

Nusa Dua Beach

Finally, away from the jostle of the city, enjoy the pristine blue shores of Nusa Dua Beach. Here you can relax and sunbathe with a nice cooling beverage and great company. The white sand is a beautiful contrast to the blue sky and the deep blue sea. It is one of the best luxury beaches where you can swim, surf, and parasail. You can also book a resort spa here for the perfect honeymoon experience.

Bali is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, backpackers, and family holidays. One can get a taste of rich culture and art merged with beautiful landscapes, quiet beaches, and fun activities garnishing the complete experience.

5 Best Places to Visit in Asia

5 Best Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world, with the largest population and diverse culture and heritage. There are so many countries to explore in Asia. The geography of this continent is so varied and rich- from the majestic Himalayas to the vast oceans, the dense forests, and the stretched deserts. The climate also changes as per the location. One thing that Asia guarantees is exquisite locales, tasty cuisines, heart-warming locals and a once in a lifetime experience. Here are five places that you can visit in Asia.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji is an active volcano but hasn’t erupted since 1708. It is one of the most magnificent snow-capped mountains in Japan and is one of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains. At the base of this mountain is a dense forest known as The Suicide Forest. People come to take pictures of this exquisite heritage site. The visual experience makes it truly worth it.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island with the best beaches, soft, clean sand, and turquoise water. Maximum tourists visit the Kalama, Hat Karon, and kata beaches from November to February. The coral reefs are a beautiful site, and exciting activities like snorkelling, island hopping, and sea kayaking are in most demand. Do visit the 45- meter tall Big Buddha covered with Burmese marble.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is an ancient city in Vietnam and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of the oldest trading ports with beautiful architecture. The Chinese tilted roofs, French Colonial shutters, narrow alleys, and religious buildings give a historical feel to this place. The lantern festival celebrated every full moon circle with thousands of lanterns and candles to create a beautiful and serene sight. When travelling to Asia, do not miss this city.

Jaipur, India

India is a beautiful land of rich culture and varied heritage. There are 22 languages spoken in this country with different religious beliefs, living together harmoniously. Although Jaipur is not the prime city in India, it is one of the most beautiful cities. Jaipur is known as Pink City, with excellent craftsmanship and artistry. Block printing, blue pottery, stone carvings and Bandhni are the most popular designs and crafts you can carry home. It is one of the best shopping destinations in India. Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, and Jantar Mantar speak volumes about India’s culture and architecture.

Jaipur, India

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most beautiful and serene destinations in Asia. Beautifully carved temples, golden beaches, and picturesque swaying palm trees make it a gorgeous honeymoon destination. Bali is also very spiritual. Pura Goa Lawah, Tanah Lot, Gunung Lebah, the active volcano on Mount Batur, makes it to the top of the tourist attractions. These are one of the top-rated places that must be on your bucket list when you are visiting Asia.

Best Treks in the World

Best Treks in the World

Ask a few experienced hikers what they mean by trekking and what the best treks in the world are. You will get a different answer from each one of them. Some may consider a trek iconic because of its scenery, while others may consider a trek great for the perseverance and effort it needs.

Even though we cannot pinpoint what makes a trek epic, we can say that all the top treks will create a sense of mission that will transform the simple act of sightseeing into a life-changing expedition. A great trek is about the journey and the things we learn along the way.

The best treks in the world will offer you an incredible experience, and here is a list of top treks that will give you a life-changing experience.

Everest base camp

Everest base camp, Nepal

If you want to experience the thrill and satisfaction of achieving a great mission, the two weeks trek to the Everest base camp would be the best option. You will have to climb 18,193 feet to reach the highest point and trace the winding river valleys and the terrifying Khumbu glacier. In this mighty mission, you will come across various monasteries, breathtaking sceneries, the calm and balanced Sherpa villages.

Even though there are many guides and porters to help you out on the way, always respect the altitude that will test your endurance and muscles. Therefore make sure to take it slow and steady. Give time for your body to get adjusted to the elevation.

GR20, Corsica, France

This is one such trek that is not meant for faint-hearted people. Corsica is known for the diverse landscapes that call for the trekkers to be brave to conquer its rugged trails. You will have to cover forests, granite moonscapes, craters, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and plains.

Remember that this challenging terrain is welcoming only for the most dedicated hikers.

But if you are brave and have the grit to conquer the uneven, rocky, and steep path and slippery rock faces, you can tell the world how you conquered Europe’s most challenging trail.

Inca Trail

Inca Trail, Peru

The 20-mile trail to the ruins of the 15 century Inca citadel of Machu Picchu was hidden from the mainstream population for centuries. But when the explorer Hiram Bingham discovered the route in 1911, backpackers and hikers set out to explore the stunning views of the forest covered by high clouds and the mystic Machu Picchu.

Hikers will have to climb 7,972 feet along the sacred valleys, travel down and around the mountains, and cross three passes to reach their destination. Trekking is limited to 200 people to protect Peru’s lost city. As a result, you will be able to have a tranquil experience that you can treasure for a lifetime.

So, be ready with a strong pair of lungs, a strong pair of legs, the willpower to conquer unexpected and unwelcome situations, and perseverance. Even though you will have to put in a lot of effort, trekking will be rewarding and will give you memories that will make you proud and happy.

Places You Must Visit If You Are an Animal Lover

Places You Must Visit If You Are an Animal Lover

Even after a long and busy day, being around animals makes you feel energized and relieves stress. Regardless of the animal, they are around; many people experience a sense of calm when they are around animals. All around the world, there is not every place where you can get access to a wide range of animals with whom you can connect. Here are some locations you should visit to explore your love of animals if you’re an animal lover who enjoys traveling.


Turtles are cute to look at, and baby turtles are even cuter. Nicaragua is where you should go if you want to see young turtles emerge from their tiny home and take their first breaths in the planet’s atmosphere.

young turtles

You can see these creatures emerging in Nicaragua, a country in Central America surrounded by water and lovely beaches. You can encounter a once-in-a-lifetime experience by watching thousands and thousands of turtle eggs hatch. Get the chance to see a variety of turtles on the beach, but tread carefully because you might accidentally run into one while walking.


Find them in large quantities right here if you think cats and kittens are adorable. All cat lovers should visit the region, also referred to as the Hello Kitty land. There are almost 13 islands in the country, and there are far more cats and kittens than people.

On the island of Aoshima, also known as the Islands of the Cats, locals regularly pet close to six cats. Regardless of where you go or where you are visiting, you will always find cats in every nook and cranny. For those who love cats, Japan is a paradise where you can feed, cuddle, and love them.


Antarctica is the best place to see penguins, whether you’ve already seen one or want to. You can have an adventurous experience on this chilly continent in an area home to a wide variety of wildlife. Because it’s not easy to see the unusual creatures around, you can just book a tour where the locals will take you to the locations and where the creatures can be seen easily.


You might also see seals, various birds, and whales in addition to penguins. Just be sure to schedule your trip for when the penguins lay their eggs, which is from October to December, and when the eggs hatch from late December to February.


If you are an animal lover and love to witness the wildlife in the wild space, then Tanzania is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Tanzania is famous mainly for the Big 5, which consists of Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant, and the King of the jungle Lion. Since it is difficult to see all five in one trip, you will only be able to see them all if you are lucky, have the right guide, and are given the proper instruction. You can see all the wildlife on this trip in a single location.

Must-Visit Attractions In French Alps You Shouldn’t Miss!

Must-Visit Attractions In French Alps You Shouldn’t Miss!

The French Alps contain lush fields, lush meadows, and majestic hills all in one place. Don’t forget to put the French Alps on your travel wish list if you want to feel truly connected to nature; you won’t be disappointed. The Alps mountain range is within French territory and is thus known as the French Alps. The French Alps offer something for everyone, whether to explore or ski on the most gentle hills covered in snow. Here is a list of some of the top sights in the area that you shouldn’t miss when you go.

Annecy Town

For anyone who wants to enjoy the allure of the French Alps fully, Annecy is the ideal location. You can hope to see beautiful sights from the town as it is encircled by mountains and has brilliant scenic beauty and vibrant colours. The picturesque Lake Annecy, where you can engage in water sports or visit the beach, is one of the town’s defining features.

Annecy Town

You will be able to see something beautiful and interesting wherever you go. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample traditional raclette and tour Annecy’s historic churches and old town while you’re there.


From decades tourists wanting winter and summer activities have favoured Chamonix. Bike riders and hikers enjoy the season’s beautiful green hillsides, and other summer visitors can find plenty of mountain climbing and Via Ferrata opportunities on the imposing highs.

It invites people to explore its various activities and is located on the highest peak of the French Alps. After visiting the location, you can engage in ski-related activities, sign up for a golf club, go out with friends at a club, or eat in the most renowned and delectable restaurant in the neighbourhood.


Visit this place to see something different and unique that can come live right from the postcards. Grenoble is encircled by mountains on all sides and is located in a lagoon of the Isère Valley. The area is endowed with a stunning rural set – up, luxuriant parks, lovely gently sloping gardens, and breathtaking views.


This is the largest city in the area and is rich in antiquity. Stroll through the city’s important historic region to discover Grenoble’s heritage. You can visit modern art exhibitions or even travel to some of the best wineries in the area.

French Alp Villages

The best way to experience a place’s authenticity is to explore its old, authentic villages, which you can find in the French Alps. These villages have beautiful scenery and would undoubtedly make great photo locations. In addition to taking pictures, you will learn from the locals about the area’s culture to develop a stronger bond with it.

These historic towns are hidden from the typical tourist attractions so that you can find some solace, calm, and beautiful scenery there. Route du Galibier, Megève, and Thonon-Les-Bains are some of the town’s most authentic destinations you can visit.